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2013 Cartier Queen's Cup Dubai Polo Team

  • Uploaded by Celine M-P Genonceau Membership at Guards Polo Club | POLO Magazine
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  • 7 Dubai Polo Team on the goPolo Photography by Celine M-P Genonceau


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  1. a,b,c,. Welcome to Guards Polo Club.
  2. AC Stick
  3. Adolfo Cambiaso
  4. Maria and Children
  5. a,b,c, Dubai Polo Team.
  6. a,b, Alec White
  7. Martin Valent
  8. Rashid Albwardy stick
  9. Alec White
  10. Adolfo Cambiaso
  11. Nico Pieres
  12. BravOo Indeed
  13. Adolfo
  14. Congrats Rashid
  15. First Champ for Nico
  16. a,b, Good job Alec
  17. New Polo Manager Glen Gilmore
  18. Mia Cambiaso
  19. Hugs from Adolfito son
  20. Peaceful Alec White
  21. After polo
  22. Gorgeous Lupe Roldan
  23. Happiness for Maria V





0 Welcome to Guards Polo Club tournaments123 AC stick4 Adolfo Cambiaso5 Maria  kids68 Actions9 Actions





7 Dubai Polo Team on the go




10 Alec White1112 Martin Valent14 Rashid Albwardy stick15 Alec White16 Actions17 Adolfo18 Awesome Nico Pieres19 BravoOo indeed

21 Congrats Rashid22 First champ for Nico23 Good job Alec24 Kerry Packer Trophy25 New Polo Manager Glen Gilmore26 Mia Cambiaso27 Hugs from Adolfito son28 Peaceful Alec White29 After polo30 Gorgeous Lupe Roldan31 Happiness for Maria V